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FFL Transfers:  We can transfer your firearm for a flat fee.  Please contact us if you live in the State of Florida and need a firearm transferred.  We will work with the selling dealer to get your firearm safely to our location and legally transferred to you.
Cleaning:  Put the enjoyment back in your target shooting– let T.C.B. Gun Works professionally clean your firearms.
Repairs:  Contact us for an estimate on your next gun repair or modification.
Enhancements:  Laser sites mounted, trigger adjustments.  Contact us for an estimate.
Certified Firearms Appraiser
Notary Signing Agent:  Mark is also a Notary Signing Agent/Notary Public.

The 'Jofre' Weapons Cleaning Kit

A few recent pics of The Shop

General Services:

Firearm Transfers                                     $25.00                           Trigger Work:

Military/Veteran/First Resp Discount     $20.00                           Trigger Job - 1911                                 $120.00

Firearm Appraisal                                    $25.00                            Smooth Trigger Action                        $100.00

Firearm Safety Inspection                        $20.00                           

                                                                                                           Glock Work:

Test Fire                                                      $20.00                           Ghost Trigger                                         $25.00

Cleaning                                            from $40.00

                                                                                                           Call or email for information on other services.

Sight Work:                                                                                      

Installation (Handgun)                              $45.00

Bore Sight Only                                          $20.00                                                   

Scope Mounting                                          $50.00

Laser Mount & Bore Sight                        $20.00

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